Our company

BUSINESSCITY.COM.BD is Bangladesh’s largest online marketplace, connecting buyers with suppliers. The online channel focuses on providing a platform for buyers, who can be SMEs & Large enterprises as well as individuals. Buyers typically gain access to a wider marketplace; diverse portfolios of quality products to choose from and tap a one-stop-shop which caters to all their specific requirements, thereby aiding the discerning buyer make well-informed choices!

With the continuous and explosive growth of Bangladesh export, trade and number of internet users, Focus Technology launched its online trade platform, BUSINESSCITY.COM.BD provides the most complete, accurate and up-to-date information on Bangladesh products and Bangladesh suppliers available anywhere on the web. Nowadays, BUSINESSCITY.COM.BD is a world leading B2B portal, specializing in bridging the gap between global buyers and quality Bangladesh suppliers.

 Our Mission

BUSINESSCITY.COM.BD’s mission is to make it EASY to do business anywhere.

To facilitate global trade between global buyers and Bangladeshi suppliers.

To provide accurate and dependable information on Bangladeshi products and

     suppliers to global buyers.

To help buyers and suppliers communicate and do business with each other effectively and efficiently